Memory Catcher – Volunteer Photographer


Do you have an eye for capturing the perfect moment? Do you believe a picture is worth a thousand words? Then we have the perfect volunteering opportunity for you, as we need a handful of photographers in our family of volunteers who are willing to donate their time and photography skills to capture some of the special and memorable moments from our Haven events. We host a variety of events throughout the year, from glitzy balls to fun golf days and there are so many opportunities to capture some great shots. We want our guests to have a memento from the event and we also want to share with the world all of the fun we had in order to encourage others to join us next time. By capturing these priceless memories, you will be helping us to ensure Haven events remain in the spotlight and can raise the vital funds our services rely on. You will also be helping us capture our Haven history; in years to come when we look back on our events, it could be your photographs that are reshared with future generations as we look back across our years. So….Do you have your own camera? Could you give your time to be a Memory Catcher as one of our volunteer photographers and make a difference to the lives of women and children vulnerable to domestic abuse and homelessness? If the answer is YES and you are ready to embark on a volunteer journey with us, then keep reading for the benefits and the important next steps.

What are some of the benefits?

A Chance to Make a Difference: You’re not just capturing special moments at events; you’re helping to ensure we can continue to raise awareness and vital funds for our life-saving services

The credit is yours: We will ensure you are credited for your amazing work in our publications and online platforms where your photos are shared.

Personal Growth: Whether you are already a photographer, someone who aspires to be one, or you just enjoy capturing special moments there is always something to learn. You will be taking photos in many different settings and different way, isn’t every day a school day?

Boost Your CV: Gain a whole range of valuable hands-on experience with a well-established charity to enhance your CV and stand out from the crowd to future employers.

Earn Glowing References: You will receive a personalised reference highlighting your dedication and skills learnt at The Haven, and of course regular thank you letters and updates will be sent along the way too, so you know just how much of a difference you’re making

Guided Support at Your Fingertips: Access expert charity guidance and mentorship from The Haven team throughout your volunteering journey. If a career in fundraising is something you’re interested in, this is a great first step!

Getting to know your community: This is great opportunity to meet so many different individuals, groups, and businesses in your community. We work with a whole host of venues and suppliers and are also supported by some incredible business and individuals. By supporting with photography at our events, you will be getting to know them too – these could be great contacts for you in the future if you are looking to broaden who you work with.  

Be a part of our Haven Team: Being a volunteer at The Haven is more than giving your time, you really do become part of our Haven family, where volunteers and staff members all work together to make a positive difference to the lives of women and children vulnerable to domestic abuse and homelessness. Throughout your time spent with us, you will meet many of our friendly team and learn more about how your support is helping those we support to take the brave steps to a life free from abuse.

Boost your happiness: Giving your time through volunteering is both a meaningful way to give back to your community whilst also boosting your mood and supporting your own mental health. By spending time with others in an environment that is outside of our home can do us the world of good. Being out and about meeting people in the community really can boost your mood.

It’s your time to give when you can: We understand your time is precious;  you might be an avid 9-5’er and are looking to give something back in your spare time, perhaps you’re retired and want to give some of your time in a meaningful way or perhaps you are looking to get back into work and want to build up some useful skills? We would be happy to have a chat with you around what time you can give. There is no set requirement and we can be flexible. We host a whole variety of events across the year so there are lots of opportunities on different dates and times. A bonus is most of our events are at weekends or in the evenings, so volunteering can still be possible around your day job or any other commitments you may have.

What activities will I be involved in?

  • Say Cheese: You will be putting your photography skills into action and capturing photos at our events. The photo brief will vary from event to event; you could be taking team photos at our golf day through to candid photos throughout the night at our charity ball.
  • Sharing is Caring: After the event you will be collating the special moments you have captured and will be sharing them with The Haven. We know many photographers like to edit and enhance their photos, so we would welcome you to do this before you send your finished masterpieces to us.

What skills and abilities will I need to have?

  • Smile for the camera: We know we live in a world of iPhone users wanting to be the next pro photographer, and as good as the camera’s are on our smartphones today, we are looking for something a little more professional and refined. So, we would need you to have your own professional camera or access to one.
  • Communication is Key: You will be working alongside the fundraising team at events and communication is important to ensure we capture the right moments and also in order to respect those who would prefer not to be in photos – don’t worry – we will point out any camera shy people.
  • Strike a pose: We would need you to have a good standard of photography skill to capture the memorable moments of our events, from knowing how to capture photos in different lights and settings, through to knowing what makes a good photo.
  • Bring your biggest smile: Our guests have come to enjoy themselves at our events, so bring a big smile and your best customer service, as you will be speaking to them and will play an important part of their time at the event, capturing those memorable moments.
  • Enjoy speaking to others: We will also need you to be happy to speak to our lovely supporters, to ask them if they are happy to be in a photo and just to get them in the best position before snapping the perfect photo.
  • Sending your snaps: You will need to have a viable way to send the incredible photos you have taken to us electronically. Typically this is via an email link or a dropbox account but you can always discuss the best way with our fundraising team.

Extra, Extra, Read all about it…


Your volunteering will take place at one of our fabulous event venues, that are mostly doted around Wolverhampton and the surrounding areas.  

Hours and Training

We know everyone’s time is precious and so we would be happy to have a chat with you around the time you can give. We run a whole host of events throughout the year, so there are lots of different dates and times for you to come and volunteer.

You will be bringing your photography skills and expertise with you, but you will be working alongside The Haven fundraising team who will be there to support you and will provide a brief of what they would like you to take photos of. Once you become a volunteer, there are also other great opportunities for you to learn more about our cause and why we do what we do. This would give you the opportunity to attend Haven training courses around domestic abuse and to understand more about the impact of your support on those at The Haven. 


We offer reimbursement of travel expenses, just speak to one of the fundraising team. All events are different and at different times of the day, but the team always bring a great selection of snacks and refreshments (BONUS!)

The important stuff

Due to the nature of what we do, we may ask that anyone who would like to volunteer with us as an event volunteer on an ongoing basis receives a DBS check. Under the Care Standards Act 2000, all roles are subject to an Enhanced Disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). Don’t worry, if you are happy to give your time and support us on an ongoing basis, we will cover the cost of this and send you everything you need to start the DBS check. We will have a few other forms and bit and pieces you will need to fill in so we can keep you safe and well-informed during your time with us.

Meet the team

Hello I’m Hayley! I am the Senior Fundraiser at The Haven, and I will be your main contact whilst you are volunteering with us. I have been at The Haven for 6 years and I still love it as much as my first day. Interesting fact about me…last year I jumped 14,000 feet out of a plane in support of The Haven! 

I look forward to meeting you and working to make a difference in our community together.

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