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As an events volunteer within the fundraising team, you will be a part of the behind-the-scenes magic that helps to bring our Haven events to life. From glitzy charity balls to lively golf days, you could be joining Team Haven to help make our fundraising both fun and fabulous. You’ll play a key role in helping the team to create unforgettable experiences for our guests, all whilst helping us to raise the vital funds we need to ensure we can continue to support more women and children in our community.  Whether you’re eyeing a career in event management, or just looking to boost your confidence and people skills whilst giving something back to the local community, whichever it may be, this is the perfect opportunity to shine as an event extraordinaire in Team Haven and to really make a real difference.

What are some of the benefits?

Boost Your CV: Gain a whole range of valuable hands-on experience with a well-established charity events team to enhance your CV and stand out from the crowd to future employers.

Sharing is Caring: You will be working alongside our Haven Fundraising Team who, between them, have 18 years of experience which they cannot wait to share with you. They will share their top tips for preparing, setting up and running a selection of fundraising events alongside being on hand throughout the event itself to provide support and guidance. This works both ways, we are always open to new ideas and more resourceful ways of working so please feel free to share your knowledge and experience with us too.

Earn Glowing References: You will receive a personalised reference letter highlighting your dedication to The Haven and any skills you have developed or honed in on along the way, and of course regular thank you’s and updates about the difference you are making will be sent to you throughout your volunteering journey too so you know just how much of a difference you’re making.

Getting to know your community: This is a great opportunity to meet so many different individuals, groups, and businesses in your community. We work with a whole host of venues and suppliers and are also supported by some incredible business and individuals. By supporting our events, you will be getting to know them too – these could be great contacts for you in the future if you are looking to explore the world of event management.

Fun-filled events: Yes you will be volunteering and supporting at our events but once we have done what we need to, we would welcome you to stay and enjoy the event too. Whether that be staying to put your knowledge to the test at one of our quizzes or staying for a dance with the Haven team at one of our balls, we want you to get the most from your volunteering and enjoy the event with us as part of the team.

No two events are the same: Each event brings something different, no two events are ever the same. What’s that phrase, ‘variety is the spice of life’? Volunteering at our events will certainly bring a whole variety of opportunities and activities. Enabling you to learn new skills, work as part of a team and see a wonderful event come to fruition.

It’s your time to give when you can: We understand your time is precious; you might be an avid 9-5’er and are looking to give something back in your spare time, perhaps you’re retired and want to give some of your time in a meaningful way or perhaps you are looking to get back into work and want to build up some useful skills? We would be happy to have a chat with you around what time you can give. There is no set requirement and we can be flexible. We host a whole variety events across the year so there are lots of opportunities on different dates and times. A bonus is most of our events are at weekends or in the evenings, so volunteering can still be possible around your day job or any other commitments you may have.

Boost your happiness: Giving your time through volunteering is both a meaningful way to give back to your community whilst also boosting your mood and support your own mental health. By spending time with others in an environment that is outside of our home can do us the world of good. Working alongside others to not only share your knowledge and experience, but to learn new skills and even to build new friendships is a great way to boost your mood.

What activities will I be involved in?

  • Event set up: On the day of an event there is always a buzz in the air. Depending on the event, your role might see you helping to put up decorations for a ball, preparing goody bags for our golf day or helping set up the room for a quiz night. Each event we host is different so tasks will vary but this keeps volunteering fun and interesting. Don’t worry, you won’t be on your own, you will be working with the team to bring this event to life.
  • Engaging our guests in fundraising: At most of our events we run a good old-fashioned raffle or other fun games and entertainment to engage supporters in raising vital funds. You may help us to sell tickets or getting the raffle ready to draw.
  • Be our Guest: Along with our fundraising team, you will be the face of The Haven at our events, so bring your biggest smiles to ensure our guests receive a warm welcome. You might also be helping the team to register attendees, whether that’s welcoming someone to our networking events or registering a team at the golf day.
  • Marvellous Marshalling: At some of our challenge events such as walks or runs, we might need your support to help keep our attendees on track and safe. You may be helping to ensure people follow the route, stay safe and enjoy the event. Don’t forget, you will also get to enjoy the atmosphere of the event with them too!
  • Take it Down: At the end of each event, seeing everyone heading home with smiles on their faces and knowing we have raised vital funds for the women and children we support is an amazing feeling. You will get to experience this and reflect on the event with the team as we start to take the event down and pack items away until next time.

What skills and abilities will I need to have?

  • Bring your biggest smile: Bring a big smile, a positive can-do attitude and the rest will follow. No qualifications needed for being polite and welcoming, be a friendly Team Haven face to ensure all of our guests have a great time.
  • Enjoy speaking to others: At events we will need you to be happy to speak to our lovely supporters, whether that’s asking them if they would like to buy a raffle ticket or simply just saying hello.
  • Teamwork makes the dream work: At events you will be volunteering alongside Team Haven staff members and other volunteers. We will all have roles to do that will ensure the overall success and smooth running of the day and by working together and helping one another we can deliver an unforgettable event.
  • Communication is Key: Events can bring all the hustle, bustle, and excitement, as we get ready to welcome guests. We need to ensure we all communicate and put our listening skills into play, speak to each other, and know we are on track to achieve something incredible.
  • Recognition and thanks: Without incredible people like those attending the events, we wouldn’t be able to continue our vital work. You will be a big part of thanking guests for attending and ensuring they had a good time.
  • Cash Handling: At all of our events vital funds are raised for those we support. You will need to bring some basic maths skills with you to ensure we tot up funds raised correctly.

Extra, Extra, Read all about it…


Your volunteering will take place at one of our fabulous event venues, that are mostly doted around Wolverhampton and the surrounding areas.   

Hours and Training

We know everyone’s time is precious and so we would be happy to have a chat with you around the time you can give. We run a whole host of events throughout the year, so there are lots of different dates and times for you to come and volunteer.

Training and support will be given throughout your volunteering with us. You will be supported by Team Haven at the events, who will ensure you feel comfortable and supported. Once you become a volunteer, there are also other great opportunities for you to learn more about our cause and why we do what we do. This would give you the opportunity to attend Haven training courses around domestic abuse and to understand more about the impact of your support on those at The Haven. On the role training will also be given for specific elements for each event and you will be expected to read and understand our cash handling process and any key risks from relevant risk assessments associated with each event.


The sort of event will enable us to decide what we need to wear. However for some events you will need to wear one of our Haven branded t-shirts: #ouruniform. We will provide you with your very own Team Haven t-shirt to wear.


We offer reimbursement of travel expenses, just speak to one of the fundraising team. All events are different and at different times of the day, but the team always bring a great selection of snacks and refreshments (BONUS!)

The important stuff

Due to the nature of what we do, we may ask that anyone who would like to volunteer with us as an event volunteer on an ongoing basis receives a DBS check. Under the Care Standards Act 2000, all roles are subject to an Enhanced Disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). Don’t worry, if you are happy to give your time and support us on an ongoing basis, we will cover the cost of this and send you everything you need to start the DBS check. We will have a few other forms and bit and pieces you will need to fill in so we can keep you safe and well-informed during your time with us.

Meet the team

Hello I’m Hayley! I am the Senior Fundraiser at The Haven, and I will be your main contact whilst you are volunteering with us. I have been at The Haven for 6 years and I still love it as much as my first day. Interesting fact about me…last year I jumped 14,000 feet out of a plane in support of The Haven! 

I look forward to meeting you and working to make a difference in our community together.

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