Take Down Policy
Scope of the Take down Policy

This page sets out the circumstances in which material is taken down from our websites, and/or our social media platforms. This can include written, video, or photographic materials.

Take down requests

A request to take down data can be made by anyone. The request can be made in writing. Please contact us.

The person making the request should:

  1. Confirm their role and relationship to the data.
  2. Clarify which specific data item(s) they are requesting be removed.

If the request is from the organisation/person that owns the data and it is clear what information is to be removed, then no further information is needed and the data will be removed as soon as possible.

If the request is not from the owner of the data it will be necessary to establish the reason for the request; for example, it may contain sensitive personal information or be inaccurate.

Once a decision to act, or not to act, has been taken, the person who made the request will be informed. Regardless of the decision, all requests for data to be taken down will be logged by The Haven Wolverhampton. This information will not be made public and is for internal reference only.

Once The Haven Wolverhampton has decided that data should be removed we will endeavour to do this as quickly as possible. This may require us to work with the requester in order to identify all the relevant data.

We understand that any request to remove data will be seen as urgent by the person making the request. When a decision to act has been taken, we will aim to remove the data within two working days of The Haven having determined the material(s) need to be taken down. In some cases this may not be possible. In these cases, we will keep the requester informed of what action we are taking and the expected time frame for taking down any relevant data.

If you have any questions or comments about this Take Down policy please email: info@havenrefuge.org.uk

The Haven Wolverhampton reserves the right to update or amend this policy at any time and without prior notice.


Last updated December 2021