Domestic abuse in the workplace and beyond – a Social Change Podcast

Last month, our Commercial Development Manager, Tracey Secker, was delighted to join Kelly Evans on the wonderful Tea with the Changemakers podcast. Each episode explores how leaders are tackling society’s most pressing issues, including, of course, domestic abuse. 

Tracey talked about the crucial work we do here at The Haven, which is not limited to refuge accommodation. In fact, Tracey has spearheaded a campaign called ‘The Purple Pledge’, which aims to educate workplaces across the country about the prevalence of domestic abuse, as well as how to support employees who are being subjected to it. 

And it’s not just big organisations who’ll benefit from signing up – it’s smaller ones too. Given that 1 in 4 women will be subjected to domestic abuse in their lifetime, tackling the issue is crucial in every workplace. In fact, Tracey explained that, if your organisation has fewer than 10 employees, we will provide training and resources for free. 

Kim’s* story highlights just how crucial workplace support can be…  

Whilst being subjected to emotional, psychological, financial abuse and coercive control at the hands of her abuser, Kim was, understandably, exhausted. In this podcast, she discusses how her colleagues and employers would let her sleep in the office when she needed to. This kind of kindness and support was so important to Kim, and to her journey to a life free from abuse.  

Whatever your position at work, click here to find out more about The Purple Pledge, or contact Tracey Secker at 

Additional resources that you might find useful:

Why Domestic Abuse is an employer’s business too:

Domestic Abuse Guide: Information to help you recognise the signs of domestic abuse

Safety Planning Guide: Information to consider if you are thinking about leaving an abusive relationship.

Health and Wellbeing Guide: Information to improve your mental health if you are feeling worried and anxious.

Workplace Guide: Information to support employees and colleagues if they disclose abuse.


*Please Note: Kim’s name was changed to protect her identity.


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