The Purple Pledge Campaign


Domestic Abuse training ensures that workplaces are safe open spaces where every vulnerable employee at risk feels comfortable to disclose abuse, and employers and colleagues feel empowered to support.

Creating safer workplaces for everyone.

Our award winning training team is working with businesses and organisations, to raise awareness of Domestic Abuse. Our aim is to support the introduction of Domestic Abuse policies that enable employers and their staff to recognise abuse, respond appropriately to disclosures in the workplace, and make referrals to the right support agencies.

Why should I pledge?

Our campaign is based around:


  • The lack of policies in place in many organisations.
  • The lack of ‘experts’ to support Domestic Abuse – many organisations have Safeguarding Officers and Mental Health First Aiders, but not Domestic Abuse Workplace Champions.
  • Employees not knowing how to support and respond to colleagues.
  • Managers and HR having more knowledge about Domestic Abuse to support employees.
  • Organisations showing they are a zero-tolerance company when it comes to Domestic Abuse.

The Facts & Figures

  • Over 1 in 10 of those who are subjected to Domestic Abuse report that the abuse continues at their place of work.
  • Nearly 9 out of 10 workers experiencing Domestic Abuse said it impacted their performance at work
  • Over half of those subjected to Domestic Abuse have to take time off work as a result of the abuse.


are targeted through harassing or abusive emails or phone calls.


are targeted by a partner turning up at their workplace or stalking them outside their workplace.


worked in the same place as their abusive partner.

The Purple Pledge campaign

has been introduced to…

Support as many companies as possible with robust Domestic Abuse policies.

Support as many companies as possible with a minimum of one Domestic Abuse Champion (a trained individual who has the tools to support employees when they disclose).

Support employers to provide a safe, open organisation where employees can recognise, respond and refer.

What it means for Employers 

Raise awareness:

Through the delivery of accredited training of HR, line managers, relevant teams and Domestic Abuse Workplace Champions.

Develop and introduce measures:

To build a framework to best assist employees who are being subjected to domestic abuse or perpetrators who have disclosed or being identified.

Provide consistent and holistic support:

To employees who disclose they are being or have been subjected to domestic abuse.

Review their current responses to domestic abuse:

Through the assessment of what policies and procedures are already in place and what we can help implement or improve. 

Ensure the health and safety of employees:

Through following your duty of care (H&S Work Act) you will ensure that staff work in a safe environment which takes all aspects of wellbeing into account.

Show they are a zero tolerance employer:

When it comes to domestic abuse.

Be part of a group of organisations:

Who share best practice around employee wellbeing.

Communicate internally and externally:

About what The Purple Pledge is and what it means to everyone.

What it means for Employees 

In all size of businesses and in all sectors:

We will be engaging with many organisations to help them to see, listen and believe.

To assist and support their colleagues:

Through training, company policies and other tools supplied initially and on an ongoing basis by The Haven Training. 

Work in a safe and open organisation:

Through helping employers put in place the help that victims and survivors of domestic abuse need and work alongside other wellbeing policies.

Feel more confident to disclose:

It can be difficult to ask for help and disclose personal information at work, but we want to help everyone feel comfortable to openly talk and be themselves. 

Become a Domestic Abuse Workplace Champion:

Anyone can become a Champion and we want to support employers to have more than one in a workplace.

Recognising Domestic Abuse:

If you think you or someone you know is being subjected to domestic abuse call The Haven Wolverhampton helpline (08000 194 400), or if you are unsure may help.

Become a Purple Employer today!

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