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8th February – a collective of women will gather virtually to support and celebrate everything that’s fabulous about us. Join us for this special day with keynote speakers; ready to help support you to BE.


Tues 8th

Feb 2022

9:30 AM

– 5:00 PM


We are excited to be launching our first virtual Female Empowerment Convention!

We are all truly living through extraordinary times. But it’s women who are forced to flex and change most with every challenge. In business, at home, with our families. We’re the flex point and we’ve now been doing it for so long that it’s becoming normal. But it isn’t normal. Many of us are burning out, and some of us feel forced to check-out and reduce our own expressions of power in order to support those around us. This isn’t sustainable and we say enough.

This convention is a marker in the sand that says ENOUGH. This is the point at which we take the time to check back in with ourselves, to take some time for ourselves. This is a collective of women, supporting women, and celebrating everything that’s fabulous about us. Across this very special day we have an utterly enviable collection of keynote speakers, each a true genius in their field, and each fired up and ready to help support you BE.

The first half of the day starts with Welcome and Introduction at 9:30 AM, morning sessions from 9:45 AM until 1 PM, short lunch break, then sessions begin again from 1:30 PM before the event will be drawn to a close at 4:45 PM.

We have an incredible line-up of speakers. 

Learn more about them here.

Sara Price

Nicky Lowe

Harriet Waley-Cohen

Tonia Daley-Campbell

Nicki Williams

Helen Reynolds

Susie Heath

Andrea Cloughley

Laura Butler

Annie Stoker

Pamilerin Beckley

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Speaker Biographies

Sara Price - Supporting you to BE on purpose

Sara is a rebellious optimist: a serial entrepreneur driven by her desire to help other purpose-led changemakers to make a difference, make a living AND change the world. Sara founded her company, Actually, in 2019 after 26 years in communications, campaigning, and PR including 10 years as co-Founder of one of London’s most successful independent PR agencies. Sara has dedicated her career to helping people, organisations, and brands to communicate better and has advised some of the leading brands and charities in the world from Kellogg’s to Avon, from SheDecides to UNICEF. Now, she supports visionaries to unleash the power of great communications to grow their businesses and their impact – through a mix of training, coaching, and consultancy. She will be speaking about finding and living our purpose.

Nicky Lowe - Supporting you to BE resilient

An award winning and accredited Executive Coach, Nicky has over 15 years experience of supporting executives navigate the challenges of leadership and organisational life. She specialises in female leadership, confidence, resilience and maternity coaching, and for us she’ll be covering resilience and leadership, in life as well as business/work.

Harriet Waley-Cohen - Supporting you to BE empowered

Hunted down to speak for audiences including Microsoft, Sky, and Invesco, Harriet has empowered thousands of people over the last 18 years to believe in themselves and their potential. She is 18 years in recovery from addictions, left an abusive and unhappy marriage and went on to thrive, and is a breast cancer survivor. Her mission is to make sure women know their true value and can make the impact they want to make in the world. She’ll be speaking on imposter syndrome and self esteem.

Tonia Daley-Campbell - Supporting you to BE fierce and fearless

Tonia is an actress, award-winning writer, published author, director/casting director, and producer. She has been working in the creative industry for over 21 years and throughout her career, she has been committed to discovering hidden talent from across the West Midlands. She has cast many short films, theatre projects, and the TV Pilot Lucid The Dreamwalker. She has directed plays in theatres across the UK including, The Birmingham Hippodrome, National Theatre London and Wolverhampton Grand Theatre. Tonia holds an inspirational woman award for her work with young people from marginalized and disaffected communities, helping them to gain careers within the creative industries. She currently serves as the new Audience Development consultant for The Grand Theatre Wolverhampton. She will be speaking about how we can embrace our fears and be fierce!

Nicki Williams - Supporting you to BE balanced

Nicki is a nutritionist, author and speaker who specialises in hormones and the impact that they have on our lives as women. Her focus is on helping women who are struggling with hormone imbalances to reclaim their health and she’ll be speaking about the impact of the feisty four hormones and what we can do to support ourselves

Helen Reynolds - Supporting you to BE confident

A renowned stylist and image consultant, Helen has helped hundreds of women to turbo-boost their personal style and develop killer confidence through their wardrobe. She’ll be speaking to us about how to find and enjoy wearing clothes that help us feel ready to say yes, get visible, and be available for all the opportunities that life brings.

Susie Heath - Supporting you to BE authentic

A transformational leadership and relationship coach, Susie is a hugely respected author and speaker on all things feminine energy. She believes that we’ve ended up behaving like second-class men instead of first-rate women in both our personal and professional lives, and says that women in business are burning out, and our careers, health and relationships are at stake. She’s going to talk about what she terms ‘The Potency of the Feminine’ and how utterly delicious we are!

Andrea Cloughley - Supporting you to BE financially saavy

Andrea is a mother of two wonderful children aged 4 & 9. Her profession and passion is working as a Financial Adviser. She is an established Chartered associate with over 15 years industry experience. She accepted an invitation to St James’s Place Wealth Management, recognising her previous success as a Financial Adviser for both Lloyds Bank and most recently Wesleyan. She has worked for several reputable financial services companies, such as Standard Life and Scottish Widows. She provides holistic financial planning advice to individuals and their families, also supporting business owners, however she does specialise in offering bespoke advice to NHS Medical professionals. With her in-depth experience, she can assist with both personal and business planning, helping you to improve your financial position; build your financial goals, and work towards your version of financial freedom.

Laura Butler - Supporting you to BE well

Accredited Health and Habit Change Coach supporting women to gain clarity, confidence and control around food, making the path to optimum health pleasurable and empowering her clients to make lifestyle changes that last. Founder of The Women’s Health Transformation Academy, author, speaker and Mum of two!

Annie Stoker - Supporting you to BE mindful

Annie started her journey into studying the mind 30 years ago when serious illness forced her to abandon external travels and plumb the depths of her own psyche instead. As soon as she was well enough Annie got a one-way ticket to Australia and continued studying studied everything from naturopathy to psychotherapy and most things in between. She also spent a decade doing intensive meditation and mindfulness practice with various spiritual teachers. She has distilled the best from western psychology and eastern spiritual traditions and has developed systems that have since helped thousands of clients. Annie Stoker is an author, trainer, Transpersonal Psychotherapist, mindfulness coach, horse rider, adventurer and loving friend. She will be sharing with us how we can become empowered through mindfulness.

Pamilerin Beckley - Supporting you to BE unapologetic

As the Architect of Stories of The Haven Wolverhampton, Pamilerin engages with various stakeholders to explore how their stories can be told, as a catalyst for change. She has a keen interest in advocacy for women’s rights and the betterment of the girl child. As a former women’s magazine editor, she was exposed to and became fully cognizant of the stereotypes and stigma associated with many gender-based societal issues and how the power dynamics between men and women often leave women at a disadvantage. Taking inspiration from her recently delivered  TEDx Wolverhampton talk on rethinking gender and refocusing power, she will be talking about taking up space unapologetically, living and thriving beyond the gender stereotypes and harmful labels that are placed on us as women.

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Join us on Tuesday 8th February 2022 for a day of engaging, empowering and motivational
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