Level 4 Qualification



The Haven Wolverhampton presents a new Level 4 qualification to help you support Domestic Abuse victims and survivors who have been assessed as high-risk of harm or homicide. This qualification is accredited by AIM Qualifications and Assessment Group.


High-Risk Domestic Abuse Victims & Survivors 

The Supporting High-Risk Domestic Abuse Victims & Survivors Level 4 Award: This is a new regulated qualification that has been developed in partnership with The Haven Wolverhampton and AIM Qualifications and Assessment Group.

Brief Overview

Qualification: National Recognised Level 4 Qualification

Credits: 12 credits

The qualification will enhance your practice and practical knowledge, helping you provide the best possible support and understanding victims and survivors of domestic abuse and their children.

"This new AIM Qualifications Level 4 Award is a research-informed, needs-led, practice-focused qualification that will recognise and enhance the skills of the workforce supporting survivors of domestic abuse. The qualification has been designed to equip staff with a multi-level understanding of domestic abuse, from the individual lived experience, through the civil and criminal justice frameworks, to the social and cultural context. Those supporting survivors of domestic abuse are doing crucial work, which impacts not just on the individuals who are directly affected by this harm but also their families, employers, communities and the region as a whole. Now is an important time to be investing in this workforce, who are on the frontline in enabling and empowering survivors, and I am honoured to have been involved in its development."

– Professor Elizabeth Yardley, Criminologist, Birmingham City University

“The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (West Midlands) fully supports The Haven Wolverhampton in developing an AIM Qualifications Level 4 qualification in Supporting High-Risk Domestic Abuse Victims and Survivors. This is especially needed for frontline workers to equip them with the skills and knowledge that are needed to keep high-risk women and children safe.”

– Tara Muchemenyi, Policy Officer (Victims Team)

What does the course cover?

Professor Elizabeth Yardley, Criminologist, Birmingham City University has supported with the content of this qualification which includes:

  • Understanding Domestic Abuse within the context of Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG).
  • The long-term impacts of Domestic Abuse on individuals and children.
  • Good practice in risk assessment when supporting people subjected to Domestic Abuse.
  • Awareness of civil and criminal law remedies relevant to Domestic Abuse.
  • Best practice in working with third parties to support victims and survivors of Domestic Abuse.
  • Applying appropriate core values to enabling resilience in clients.
  • The impact of supporting High-Risk Domestic Abuse victims and survivors on their own wellbeing.

The Level 4 Award comprises four units:

  • The nature, scale, and impact of Domestic Abuse and the role of Support Services.
  • The core skills of a Practitioner supporting High-Risk Domestic Abuse victims and survivors.
  • Risk identification, risk management, and legal remedies in a multi-agency context.
  • Developing as a reflective practitioner.

The Level 4 Award course is adaptable and accommodates differences in service provision or legislation in different localities.

The course will support you to:

  • Help victims and their children feel safer through the provision of a quality High-Risk practitioner response.
  • Develop your confidence and skills through group work and tutoring.
  • Share experience and best practices with other High-Risk Practitioners while engaging in reflective practice.
  • Improve practice within your service and organisation.
  • Advocate for Domestic Abuse victims, survivors, and their children in multi-agency settings.
Who is this training suitable for?

To undertake the Level 4 Award you will need to be in a paid role supporting High-Risk Domestic Abuse victims and survivors or have experience of supporting vulnerable people who have been subjected to trauma for a minimum of one year.

Unit 2 also requires a workplace observation to be carried out. We are happy to discuss this prior to your booking should you require.

The qualification is suitable for:

  • Refuge workers including Managers
  • Independent Domestic Violence Advocates (IDVAs)
  • Frontline Support Staff
  • Family Support Workers
  • Strengthening Family Workers
  • Children Workers
  • Social Workers
  • Outreach Workers

The course is particularly suitable if you have worked in the sector for some years and now wish to have your knowledge and expertise recognised by a formal qualification.

How will this course be delivered?

This qualification will be delivered online – if you require face-to-face for your organisation please let us know.

    What will be the format for this course and how much will it cost?

    Format: 12-day online training delivered in 4 blocks of 3 days 


    Assessment: Written Tasks to be completed in a workbook in class and independent study.


    Price:  £1500 per learner 

    Accessibility Statement

    We welcome learners of all backgrounds and abilities.  This is a Level 4 qualification and suitable experience and knowledge will be required to complete. 

    We encourage you to share with us any details on accessibility and diversity needs so we can ensure the right support is in place.  You can also contact us if you have any queries. 

      Registering your interest

      How to apply

      Please register your interest using the form situated at the bottom of this page.

      Once your application has been submitted, it will be reviewed to check eligibility and we may contact you for further information. We encourage you to be as detailed as possible on your application about your experience, skills, and knowledge and why you want to take part in the course.

      Information for Employers

      We are able to travel to employers within certain geographical areas. If you have a minimum of six members of staff that can attend the 10 required training days for the Award, please email training@havenrefuge.org.uk to discuss further.

      We also welcome learners of all backgrounds and abilities. We encourage you to share with us any details on accessibility and diversity needs so we can ensure the right support is in place beforehand.  You can also contact us if you have any queries.

      Training at your location


      Register Your Interest 

      “Using the knowledge I have gained I can now apply this when advising women. I can refer back to what’s been learnt….., therefore improving the support I offer.”

      “The lessons have given me extensive knowledge in supporting victims, awareness and the right approach in supporting and understanding needs.”

      “The qualification has provided me with more knowledge, it has identified how new tools could be implemented and where we will face challenges in the role of a practitioner working with high-risk victims of abuse.”

      “I have started to use what I have learned in my everyday role in the refuge, I have found myself using the motivational interviewing techniques with victims I support. I have been making suggestions to my team to use pro-social modelling and have discussed the stages of change and listening to the victims and recognising which stage they are at.”

      “I have used my new knowledge of mediation in a recent decision regarding a victim. I have become more aware of the signs of which victims are more resilient than others.”

      “This has helped me to have a better understanding of MARAC and other multi-agency protection processes, understand the process of the police, CPS and probation service.”