#TimeToTalk with The Haven

We can’t talk about domestic abuse without talking about mental health. And there’s no better time to put mental health at the heart of the conversation than #timetotalkday.

We spoke to Carly Gregory, The Haven’s Counselling and Wellbeing Lead, about counselling services at The Haven: the types of talking therapy available, how it can help survivors of domestic abuse and how to access support.

What kinds of counselling does The Haven offer? It’s important to know that anyone can be a victim of abuse. At The Haven we offer counselling and support for anyone who has suffered or is currently suffering from abuse, whether it is emotional abuse, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, physical abuse, financial abuse and so much more. We offer an initial 8-12 sessions with regular reviews. Abuse can take many forms which can cause physical and mental pain. Our counsellors help you address how abuse in various forms made you feel, we work through emotions, triggers, and pain that is so difficult. We offer our clients the space to figure out how they feel whilst listening without judgement. Our counsellors complete so much training to better understand how they can help you. Anything you have to say, just know we can hear it and we are here to support you.

Who can access counselling at The Haven? Our counsellors help anybody who has been through or is currently going through abuse of any sort, past or present. We strive in helping as many clients as we can with so many amazing diverse counsellors. We are able to offer counselling in the following languages: English, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, Pashto (Afghan), Arabic, Somali, Miburi, Swahili, Italian and Turkish. We are here to help and support you.

Why is counselling important? Counselling allows you to explore your thoughts and emotions. It helps you make sense of why you are thinking and feeling the way you do. Having someone to talk to who is specifically there to listen and help you work through issues, is invaluable. Using talking therapy will allow you an opportunity to reflect and process your feelings at your own pace.

I want to talk to someone, but I feel nervous about accessing support. What are my options? How you’re feeling is very normal and it’s ok to feel nervous. Your therapist will give you time and all the space to talk and work through your emotions without judgement.

Can I refer myself to counselling? Yes, you can fill out our online referral form or alternatively call our helpline and we will call back at a time that is best for you and complete a risk assessment. This will then be followed by the relevant counsellor who will reach out to you.

We are always looking for qualified sessional counsellors to volunteer with us. We provide accredited training opportunities with the possibility of paid work after a certain amount of time. Benefits include:

  • An opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of women and children,
  • Gain valuable experience to add to your CV,
  • A friendly and supportive team,
  • Supervision / peer supervision,
  • Domestic violence training / coercive control training / equality and disability training / safeguarding training,
  • An opportunity to be a part of our programs (Free to transform, Dolphin),
  • Costs towards fuel / expenses,
  • Locations to work with safeguarding teams onsite,
  • Continuous help and support and more.

 To find out more about volunteering with our Counselling and Wellbeing team click here

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