Sadie’s Story

Sadie was 14 when her teacher raised concerns with the safeguarding team that she was communicating with an older man online. Sadie refused to cooperate with the authorities so the investigation was closed. When she was 15, she was attending a multi-agency sexual exploitation meeting when her mother disclosed that she suspected Sadie was pregnant. A test confirmed that she was. 

A child sexual exploitation officer worked very hard to gain Sadie’s trust and she disclosed that she had been groomed by the perpetrator. He had taken her to different places and made her have unprotected sex with different men. She also disclosed that she had been sexually assaulted and raped by the perpetrator. After these disclosures, a harbouring order was secured to stop the perpetrator from contacting Sadie. He breached the order and was arrested by the police. Sadie then disclosed that she had met another older male whom she had a consensual intimate relationship with. 

Further probing revealed she had been coerced and pressured. It was discovered that this new perpetrator had similar offences on record and was on bail for grooming and child sex exploitation offences. Sadie was referred to The Haven by the police. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy and is known to be a brilliant mother. DNA tests were conducted for both perpetrators and neither of them are the child’s father. There were never any concerns that Sadie would harm her child but she began to get increasingly anxious and frustrated and she would lash out at her mother. 

While with The Haven, Sadie was supported by a children and young people’s independent sexual violence advisor (ChISVA). They built a good rapport and Sadie disclosed that she was worried about not knowing the identity of her child’s father. Sadie was then referred to The Haven’s counselling services so that she can get additional support. The Haven worked with Sadie to help her understand various forms of abuse and consent. Sadie now understands that what happened to her was not her fault and she feels more confident and says she now knows what to do if she finds herself in a similar position in the future. She has started to go back out again and is able to take her son to the park. 

As part of her support at The Haven, Sadie attends Mother and Baby yoga sessions and the Wellbeing Programme. She has completed work on online safety and building healthy relationships and can now appreciate how unhealthy her prior relationships were. Sadie continues to work on herself as she prepares for her GCSE exams. She is now fully cooperating in the criminal investigation of both perpetrators.

Sadie’s name has been changed to protect her identity. Images are for illustration purposes only.

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