Carolyn’s Story

In a heartwarming showcase of corporate responsibility, Carolyn Smith, the Managing Director of Wolverhampton-based design agency TPSquared, shares the inspiring journey of their four-year partnership with The Haven Wolverhampton, illuminating the power of creativity and compassion in making a difference.

Along with the team at TPSquared, I’ve had the privilege of working with The Haven for over four years now. My journey with this incredible organisation began with a spark of inspiration on International Women’s Day.

In March 2019, my team and I were determined to do more than simply participate in an online awareness campaign. We wanted to make a tangible impact on our community, all while aligning with our company’s values and ethos. As a creative agency, we knew our approach had to be a little different, and that’s when the magic began.

To mark International Women’s Day, we decided to showcase a display of artwork from “Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls” by Francesca Cavallo. This book celebrates the stories of 100 remarkable women from throughout history and around the world, with all the artwork created by female artists. One of our team members, Claire Ash, took the lead in orchestrating the internal campaign.

She not only curated the captivating display but also sent an email to our team, highlighting local female initiatives to get involved with, including The Haven Wolverhampton. That simple email sparked countless conversations within our organisation about how we could do more to support this vital cause.

Working with The Haven on various projects has been nothing short of inspiring. The Haven plays a crucial role in our community by providing safe spaces and support for women and children affected by domestic abuse and homelessness. It’s disheartening that such services are needed, but witnessing the incredible work The Haven does has filled me with a profound sense of purpose.

There have been numerous highlights during our partnership with The Haven. From using our creative skills to support their cause during the challenging times of the pandemic to summoning the courage to sign up for a skydiving adventure (despite my queasy stomach), each moment has been a testament to our commitment.

One highlight that stands out is when we donated essential items, including white goods, to a lady who was being supported by The Haven as she set up her new home. Our team had the honour of personally delivering these items and even setting up a TV for her. It was a deeply rewarding experience that highlighted the profound impact simple acts of kindness can have on those in need.

When I reflect on our partnership with The Haven, I’m filled with immense pride. The Haven has been our chosen charity for four years, and we were privileged to contribute by updating their logo to mark 50 years of providing support within and beyond our local Wolverhampton area. We are excited about the plans they have in store for this special year of celebration.

Beyond the logos and displays, The Haven has opened our eyes to the harsh realities of domestic abuse and has educated us on how we can do our part to help women and children lead lives free from abuse. It’s a cause that has touched our hearts deeply, and our commitment to supporting The Haven remains steadfast.