Impact Report

2022/2023 year in review


A celebration of our legacy of change over the last five decades; recognising the ever-pressing need for our services as we envision a safer world. See highlights below.

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Welcome to our year in review for 2022/2023. This year’s impact report, introduces our 50th anniversary – reflecting on our history and legacy while looking forward to the future. Our Chair, Navdeep Hear, expresses pride in the transformative change we have brought to countless lives while acknowledging the ongoing importance of our services amid the persisting issue of domestic abuse, worsened by the current cost of living crisis. Our CEO, Popinder Kaur, emphasises our commitment to staff wellbeing and the need to adapt to challenges like COVID’s impact and rising living costs. She comments on our dedication to helping more families through the use of technology and additional support, empowering women to leave abusive relationships. Together they extend their gratitude to our staff partners, donors and supporters for standing together to build a safer, compassionate society. 

Looking back on our history

In our 50th year, we reflect on a rich legacy of support for vulnerable women and children, leaving an indelible mark on Wolverhampton and beyond. From our modest origins, we have evolved into a powerful catalyst for positive change, propelled by dedicated individuals – staff, volunteers, donors, partners, and advocates. As we commemorate this milestone, we reflect on the lives we have transformed, while acknowledging that we still have a long road ahead of us. Take a look down memory lane to revisit some of the defining moments that have shaped our legacy:

The Haven establishes stores of essential household items for ex-residents setting up new homes.

Wolverhampton Domestic Violence Initiative (WDVI) is set up and based at The Haven. The initiative helps the City of Wolverhampton Council develop its first corporate policy on domestic violence.

The Haven appoints its first five ‘out of hours’ workers, providing support to residents overnight and at the weekends.

The Body Shop’s One in Five campaign partners with The Haven to launch a petition demanding more support for women’s refuges nationwide.

The Haven is involved in a national pilot to decriminalise prostitution in under 18s and to treat young teenage sex workers as victims of child abuse.

Our co-founder, the late Mrs Honor Pringle, wins the Lifetime Excellence Award at the first Black Country Inspirational Women Awards.

The Haven launches a project to support young people who have taken on a caring responsibility because of domestic violence.

The Haven receives the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.

The Haven launches the MENgage & EmpowHER programme delivered in schools and youth settings, to critically explore gender-based divisions and inequalities in society.

We are thrilled about our ongoing pro-bono partnership with Costello Medical to create a digital visualisation of this remarkable journey. The countdown to the grand unveiling is on, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

To stay in the loop and catch all the excitement surrounding our 50th anniversary activities, make sure to follow the hashtag #HavenAt50 on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Working together - Our collaborative approach

A reflection on our collaborative efforts that have transformed the lives of domestic abuse victims by providing comprehensive support through strategic partnerships and shared resources, empowering survivors, and creating a safer society.

Alcohol & substance use - Understanding the impact on victims of abuse

This year, we supported 52 women with complex needs, including substance use and trauma from abuse. Our holistic approach addressing mental health, substance use, and domestic violence simultaneously has empowered all women seeking to break free from substance dependence.

What women

say about us…

“Accessing The Haven’s substance misuse service has had a major positive impact on my life because my Case Worker is supportive, listens to me when I need her and has been there 100 percent when I needed her. She has always gone above and beyond for me and my little girl.” – Maryam

“…complex co-occuring needs…”

The Figures


of children and young people feel more in control of their lives

total calls were received through our helpline


of women we supported made significant progress in rebuilding confidence and self-esteem

women supported by our sexual violence advisors

young people engaged in conversations about gender norms and stereotypes

women supported with no recourse to public funds


of women we supported felt safer because of our support

children supported who were subjected to sexual violence or exploitation


of children & young people we supported showed an increase in their wellbeing

“…my spousal visa made me ineligible for benefits and

Naima’s Story

I still remember the night I called the police, afraid for my life. As a migrant woman I was isolated; he would use this to taunt me, as he told me I had no life without him.

The police referred me to The Haven who offered me safety in refuge. When I moved in, I felt overwhelmed and uncertainty clouded my mind. My keyworker told me about all the support available. She tried to assure me that being in refuge would give me the time and space to consider my options. But I wasn’t so sure.

Gruffalo party

Families were treated to a joyous day out, courtesy of The Kingswood Trust. This enchanting Gruffalo party themed experience included a nature trail, cake decorating, animal feeding, and endless playtime on the Trust’s playground equipment.

The joyous laughter of children filled the air for over two hours, as their worries and stresses momentarily faded away. Mums couldn’t stop talking about the experience – the overwhelmingly positive feedback and comments kept coming. The children shared their excitement too, eager for the chance to do it all over again!

This collaboration between The Kingswood Trust and The Haven Wolverhampton created unforgettable memories, reminding us that a little outdoor enchantment can go a long way toward brightening the darkest days.

“Loved it! Can we go back again?”


The true impact of your donations:

Who: Domestic abuse survivor and ex-service user Wendy
What: A marathon around West Park
When: September 2022
Why: Twenty years ago, Wendy and her children left everything they had ever known and moved to Wolverhampton to flee from domestic abuse. To mark this anniversary, Wendy walked a marathon around West Park
to raise funds for The Haven.
The impact: The money raised from incredible fundraising challenges like Wendy’s go such a long way towards providing vital wrap-around support services to help vulnerable women and children look to a brighter future free from the fear of abuse. From providing an entire brand-new bed set for a woman or a child, ensuring they have somewhere safe and warm to rest and relax whilst they come to terms with the trauma they have fled from, through to funding memorable experiences and days out that create cherished moments for the brave women and children at The Haven; every penny makes a difference. £30 can cover the cost of a single bed-set meaning that this donation could go towards over 30 bed-sets! We simply wouldn’t be able to continue our vital services without people like Wendy.

total raised through regular givers

total raised by Wendy who walked a marathon around West Park

total was raised through all our fundraising efforts

Please note that names have been changed to protect the identity of individuals.

2020 – 2021

A reflection on the impact of COVID-19, with a spotlight on supporting staff wellbeing as we embrace a flexible hybrid work model, and women with no recourse to public funds.  Click to download.

2021 – 2022

Moving ahead post covid-19 challenges, we continue to prioritise the safety of women and chiLdren, and develop Accomodations and services to meet their specific needs. Click to download.

2022 – 2023

A celebration of our legacy of change over the last five decades; recognising the ever pressing need for our services as we envision a safer world. Spotlight on working together and substance use. Click to download.