Keep your fundraising safe & legal

Adhering to the Fundraising Regulator’s Codes of Fundraising Practice

Thank you so much for planning an event in aid of The Haven; we are so grateful for your support. 

This information is meant as a guide only. It is your responsibility to ensure your fundraising meets all relevant legalities. You must make it clear when planning and promoting your event that the fundraising is ‘in aid of’ The Haven. This means that you are taking full responsibility and that you are acting independently to raise funds for The Haven.

Licences & Insurance

If your event involves the public you will need to have Public Liability Insurance. The Haven is not able to
provide insurance for any fundraising activities ran in aid of us, so you’ll need to arrange your own. Check with the venue first as they may already have insurance that covers your event.

Some things require a licence, such as:
– Alcohol or entertainment, including using
recorded music
– Holding a raffle, lottery or auction
– Doing a public money collection or a collection on
private property
– Putting up banners or signs in public areas.

This list doesn’t cover everything. Contact your local authority well ahead of your event to check which licences you will need.
If you’re planning a raffle, it’s best to stick to selling raffle tickets only on the day, and drawing at the event to avoid needing a licence. There are strict and complex laws relating to larger raffles and lotteries so be sure to check the gambling commission
website for further information.

Food & Drinks

 We recommend that you contact your local authority before your event to discuss what you plan to do.

It is also a good idea to check with your venue, they might have specific requirements when it comes to selling food.

Everyone involved in preparing and serving food must have a basic understanding of food hygiene. You should also make labels for any food with a full list of ingredients; in case people have allergies.

The Food Standards Agency provides guidelines to follow. If you are using a caterer you need to make sure they have a Food Hygiene Certificate and Public Liability Insurance.

If you plan to sell alcohol, you need to have a liquor licence. You get this from your local Magistrates Court.

Collecting money & keeping it safe

Once you have ensured you have the correct licences to run a collection, it’s important to make sure your donations are kept safe.
Keep money locked away in a secure container whenever possible and always have two people present when handling and counting donations.

Get in touch with our team to borrow our Haven branded tins or buckets for your event

Put the money in the bank or hand it over to The Haven team as soon as possible, within 28 days to abide by the codes of fundraising.

To find out how to hand it in as a donation, visit our donations page here.

First Aid & risk assessments

You can get advice from a professional medical company like St John’s Ambulance about what type of First Aid you need to have at your event.

Things to think about:
– The number of people and the type of event –
what are the risks?
– Type of people, including their ages
– Location and type of venue, will the weather
affect your event?
– How near is it to local medical facilities
– What experience you have of similar events
– What first aid facilities are at the venue

The Haven can provide a template for conducting a risk assessment for your event. Get in touch with the team, or why not make your own.


This document is intended as a guide only – please make sure you check the Fundraising Regulator site, and other relevant regulatory body websites to ensure your event is legal and compliant.

Good luck with your fundraising and thank you once again for supporting us.

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