A - Z of FUNdraising

Want to fundraise but don’t know where to start? Here are some ideas…


Get fit and raise money, get your instructor on board and donate the proceeds from the class.

Afternoon Tea

Host an afternoon tea at home invite your family and friends around.


Create a masterpiece and sell it to the highest bidder.

Bag Packing

Organise to pack bags for shoppers at your local supermarket.

Bake Off

Hold a cake competition and get your friends and colleagues to bake too. Ask someone to judge the winning showstopper, sell what’s left after the tasting and auction the winning entry.


Knock at the door, 24! Write your own number calls and charge people to play.

Cakes, Cookies & Cocktails

Or whatever else you can make. Make and sell your creations.

Car Wash

Charge your teachers, friends and family to wash their cars.

Coffee Morning

Get your friends and family to bake a cake to have with a cuppa and have a quick catch-up through live streaming.

Cricket Match

Challenge your teachers, friends and family members to a match and each team pays a fee.

Dance Off

Harness your inner Tony Manero and have a dance-off for charity!


Host a disco, put on those dancing shoes and dance the night away. Remember to charge an entry fee!

Easter Egg Hunt

Want an idea that kids can participate in? Set up an Easter egg hunt with fun clues.

Eighties Evening

It’s all about neon clothes and disco tunes at this party!


Host your own song contest amongst friends. Who gets nil points?


Why not host your usual workouts and exercise classes online and ask people to donate to take part?

Fashion Show

Put your talents to the test – strut your stuff down the catwalk!

Film Night

Have a night in, pick your favourite films, create your own cocktails and raise money by donating.


Missing the beautiful game? Why not ask your friends to donate and take part in a tournament to see who is top of the league?

Games Night

Have a socially distant games night! Use apps like Words with Friends and stream at the same time so you can enjoy a laugh with friends.

Garden Party

Whip up some cucumber sandwiches, dust off the picnic tables. Charge a small entrance fee and organise a collection during the fundraising event.


Guess the number of sweets in the jar, balloons in the car or the weight of the cake – pay £1 to play.

Head Shave

Feeling brave? Why not shave your head and raise money for The Haven?

Halloween Party

Encourage your friends to dress the part and run a fancy dress competition with a small prize for the winner. All guests should pay a small entrance fee to attend.

Ice Cream Sale

Perfect for summer!


Share a selfie, donate, then nominate a friend to do the same.

International Evening / International Day

Choose your country, or go ‘around the world’, and charge people an entry fee. Have a think about dress codes, food and music e.t.c.

James Bond

The Bond films are iconic, so finding fans shouldn’t be hard. Put on a James Bond night, it can offer a lot more than movie watching.


Use jazz music as the centre of your fundraising. You could put on an evening of entertainment and charge for entry. 


Get some competition going and stream between friends – who can finish their jigsaw first wins and the others!


Blast out all of your favorite songs and compete with your friends and colleagues to see who has the best voice.


Can you knit the longest scarf? Why not get sponsored per line of knitting and see how long your scarf is by the end of a day?

Ladies Night/Day

Get your female friends together and throw a ladies’ day (or night).You could have cocktails and canapés or a Mad Hatter’s tea party. You know your guests best, so choose something that you’ll all enjoy.

Line Dancing

Organise a line dance and dance the night away – remember everyone should donate to dance!


Run a sponsored marathon in your back garden. Exercise while fundraising!

Mini Olympics

Feeling energetic? Host a mini sporting event at your school/ business and remember to give it a theme!


Got a bit of time on your hands? Why not host an elegant ball or encourage your friends and colleagues to wear a mask.

Netflix Night

Stream a film or box set at the same time as your friends and family and chat about what you watch. Donate the cost of a cinema ticket to The Haven while you are at it!


Think of your own crazy-themed challenge and nominate a friend, relative or teacher to endure it. Set a minimum amount that needs to be donated by others before it will go ahead to encourage people to dig deep!

Non-Uniform Day

Get rid of the uniform for a day, pay a £1 to go casual for the day.

Obstacle Course

Get sponsored to run an obstacle course.

Open Mic Night

All you need is moonlight, music and you!

Penalty Shoot-out

Show off your skills in a football shoot-out.

PTA Coffee and Cake Morning

Organise a coffee morning.

Pyjama Party

Don your PJ’s and onesies and raise money by being comfy.


Swap your nightly chocolate binges/secret cigarette/glass of wine for something and donate the money you have saved to The Haven.


Create a quiz. Picture rounds and music galore!


Collect some prizes or ask people/business to donate and then host a raffle at your work, school or with your friends.


The Haven is able to recycle various items, turning your unwanted items to cash. Items such as old mobile phones, printer cartridges, broken jewellery and old foreign coins.

Scrabble Challenge

Challenge your friends to a Scrabble competition. Each competitor pays to play.


A cheap and easy idea – ask your friends and colleagues to put their name next to a picture and pay their donation, when the sheet is full, do a draw and announce the winning picture from each sweepstake – simple as that!

Talent Contest

Let your talents shine whilst raising money for The Haven.

Three Legged Race

Something funny to take part in and watch – tie your legs together and coordinate your way to the finish line.

Treasure Hunt

One for the young ones or the young at heart – hide some treasure and donate to enter the search for the prizes.

Unwanted Gift Sale

All those things that collect the dust at the back of the cupboard could be someone else’s dream gift. Give yourself some extra storage space and raise money for the women and children at The Haven.


St. Valentine’s Day is an ideal time for flirty fundraisers to organise a party or dinner.


Walk short distances – to work or the shops – and donate the money you save on petrol.

Wishing Well

Create your own in the office. People love to throw coins and loose change into water.

X Factor

Have an X-Factor style competition and showcase your talents.


Get sponsored to say yes to everything (within reason!) for a day.

Yoga Class

Get flexible and get fundraising with this stress-busting activity.

Zany Clothes Day

Instead of a dress-down day, dress up! Charge a fee and wear a zany costume.

Zip Wire

Get sponsored to take a ride and challenge friends to join you.