CYP Case Study: Alpaca Farm Day Trip

Lucky Tails Alpaca Farm

A small and friendly farm situated in the beautiful Warwickshire countryside; home to some of the very best alpacas in the country.

2 groups of women, children & young
people from two of our refuge accommodations

• Walking an alpaca
• Meerkat encounter
• Hands-on experience with farm animals

When COVID-19 happened, most of the women and children were quarantined in their refuge accommodation and they were unable to go out. All outdoor venues for activities were closed due to social distancing measures.

Our Children and Young People team got creative and found venues that could accommodate us exclusively for a day. Earlier feedback suggested that some of the children wanted to do something that involved animals, so one of the trips was to an alpaca farm.

The children and their mums were able to get respite and bond with each other outside of the refuge setting. They were able to go and enjoy the outdoors, whilst interacting with a variety of animals. They were able to be hands-on with and learn about animals that they had never seen before including alpacas, donkeys, pigs, goats, ducks, meerkats, rabbits and more.

What CYP are saying…

I haven’t seen my children so happy in such a long time. Can’t wait to come back.


I feel like a zookeeper. I think I want to work with animals when I’m older. 


Although I don’t have children, thank you for letting me come on the trip. I had so much fun and feel like I bonded with other residents. 


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