COVID-19 Update – March 2020

We are still here for you.

We wanted to update you on how we’re responding to the challenges of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) and how we are ensuring that we give women and children the best possible service at this difficult time.

We’re following the latest health authority and government advice, and reviewing our contingency plans daily to reduce risk and make sure families are safe and fully supported by our staff team.

If you feel unsafe in your home, please call us, email or use live chat. If safe to do so, log onto our website or social media pages or call us for advice on safety planning, options, counselling, e.t.c.

We’ve already taken a range of steps to maintain our service. We are still in a position to continue a 24/7 helpline for women. You can reach us on 08000 194 400. We ask that Agency Referrals continue through the referral point so that we can prioritise the helpline for women.

Please email

You may experience a longer wait than usual when contacting us, while the COVID-19 situation continues. If that happens, I apologise in advance.

We’ll update our website and social media regularly with any new information, so please head there first to get the latest from us.

Popinder Kaur (Chief Executive Officer)

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