Are you ready for the 104 Challenge?

IT’S BACK! Last year was a year like no other for so many of us. We found ourselves confined to our homes and with very little social interaction with our friends, family and colleagues (except for the dreaded zoom calls of course). Physical exercise was limited to an hour per day and so many of us were in dire need of something other than the pandemic to focus on. Thus, the 104 challenge was born.

We wanted to create a month long event that would not only help to raise vital funds and awareness for The Haven, but would also provide an opportunity for those in our local community to come together and reconnect with the ones they care about through a fun and exciting task. The 104 challenge asked YOU, our supporters, to spend the month clocking up 104 miles by running, walking or cycling.

Why 104? Sadly, 2 women in the UK are killed at the hands of a current or former partner every single week. That is 104 every year. During the past year, we have seen this figure increase and at times double, so we need your support more than ever to raise awareness and let women in dire need of support know that they are not alone.

We hoped that as many people as possible – young and old, individuals and teams – would get involved and help us make the 104 challenge a success; and a success it was. From a 7-year-old boy called Harvey who got on his bike and cycled a whopping total of 143 miles, through to The Haven’s very own Board of Trustees tackling the event as a relay and passing a virtual baton amongst themselves to hit the winning total. The event raised an incredible £9,000. To put the impact of an amount like that into perspective, it costs us £2 to cover a call to our emergency helpline, meaning this amount had the possibility to help us to cover 4,500 calls which, during the peaks of isolation in the pandemic, was a  vital service.

Sadly, as restrictions once again begin to ease, we are expecting another rise in demand for our services as women will have more opportunities and time away from their abuser to reach out for the care and support they deserve. So… the 104 challenge is BACK for 2021. We want to top our fundraising total from last year and get even more of our wonderful supporters (that’s YOU!) involved!

This is a challenge for everyone, from grandmas to the toddlers, you can take it on as a solo mission or achieve it collectively with friends, family or colleagues to reach a total of 104 miles during the month. 

Your support will be helping to ensure our refuge doors can remain open, our helpline can continue to ring and our children’s team can continue to provide activities and play therapy to the hundreds of children we support every single day.

It doesn’t matter how you reach that big 1-0-4 total –  jog, run, cycle, walk, or any way you want (creativity is always welcome in Team Haven!) – but get those miles clocked up and don’t forget to have fun!

We have created a handy guide and fundraising pack which you can access for free by dropping us an email at

If you’re already raring to go, that’s great! Simply go click here and click on “Join” to set up your challenge and join our 104 team leader board – nothing like a bit of friendly competition eh?!

We would love to hear your 104 Challenge stories, see your pictures and celebrate your success with you, so please don’t forget to tag us in your snaps on social media.

Thank you for all of your support – we hope to see you registered on the 104 challenge team soon!

*Please ensure you follow current government guidelines when completing your challenge*

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