Domestic Abuse: Supporting a woman with No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF)

Overview: This training is to enable you to understand the complexities of Domestic Abuse and immigration issues and how to respond appropriately to enable a woman to receive the right support. With legislation and the government definition of Domestic Abuse, different immigration statuses a woman can hold, and the rights that are attached to these, explore how violence and abuse experienced by a woman with NRPF women is highly diverse. Understand the barriers she faces when reporting, transnational marriage abandonment, supporting a woman with NRPF, the Domestic Violence Rule, Destitution Domestic Violence (DDV) Concession, the application process, collating evidence, and the practical steps for making an application, real-life case studies and sourcing the appropriate support available for anyone who is experiencing Domestic Abuse and has no recourse to public funds.

At the end of the training participants will be able to:

  • Understand the complexities of Domestic Abuse and immigration issues.
  • Understand Domestic Abuse victims and the impact of immigration issues.
  • Have an awareness of current policy and research on Domestic Abuse and immigration.
  • Know how to respond appropriately and safely to enable victims to receive the right support.
  • Know where to locate specialist support and other relevant agencies for a victim.

This training is aimed at any professional whose work brings them into contact with victims and perpetrators of controlling and coercive behaviour from the voluntary, statutory, and private sectors e.g., Domestic Abuse support workers, IDVA’s (Independent Domestic Violence Advisors), ISVA’s (Independent Sexual Violence Advisors), Housing Officers, Health and Social Care Providers, community outreach workers, advice centre caseworkers and other professional who work with survivors of abuse.

Duration: 3 hours

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